Glocks Are Popular With Many People

Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell let us know that the Violence Promotion Policy Center (VPC) released a new whitepaper titled “The Glock: A Favorite of Mass Shooters.” If you want to read it hit the link, I’m not giving the VPN any link love.

Although VPC is trying to link the image of Glock pistols to mass shooters, as Sebastian noted, the Glock is simply popular. The pistol is loved by police departments, sport shooters, people who carry firearms, and even some collectors. I personally use a Glock 21SF for United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) matches and carry a Glock 30SF. If there is any question about the popularity of Glocks just look up the numerous accessories that are available for them. Companies release accessories because Glocks are popular; it’s the same reason there are so many AR-15 accessories.

What I find most humerus about VPC’s whitepaper is that us gunnies are likely the only people who will read it. The anti-gun movement has basically become so irrelevant that the only people who read these whitepapers are either gunnies looking for a laugh and to point out the paper’s sheer stupidity and other people getting paid to talk about how evil guns are. I think the fact that violent crime rates have been going down even though more people are armed now thanks to more liberal (using the classical definition of the word) carry laws speaks volumes. Loosening gun restriction laws hasn’t lead to blood in the streets as the anti-gunners claimed would it would so people simply ignore them and their Chicken Little claims.