See What Lack of Regulations Get You

The personal electronics industry is considered to be one of the less regulated industries in the United States. While the government continues to meddle with emission requirements on automobiles, keeping monopoly control over wireless spectrum, and requires it’s sign off on every single item they randomly label as a drug they don’t do a hell of a lot in regulating personal electronics devices.

The fruits of less regulations can be seen by many aspects of personal electronics. Our electronics are becoming every smaller, more powerful, and an ever increasing number of devices are being made available for our purchasing pleasure. Another benefit is the fact that our devices are getting cheaper by the day. You know that super fast video card you purchased today for $400.00? In a few months it’ll be old business and the price will drop to $200.00. For those of us who don’t care about the latest and greatest in video cards we’ll be able to nab a perfectly serviceable card for half the price. For those who want the bleeding edge in graphics technology it’s there for the taking.

And for those who want an entire terabyte of data in their laptop they can have it for roughly $100.00. Don’t worry, I’m not shilling for Newegg on here since they don’t pay me to but I thought it was rather awesome that laptop drives with 1TB of capacity have dropped to the $100.00 range so quickly. Ever increasing capabilities for an ever decreasing price is a side-effect of less government regulation and should be celebrated by all. Just imagine what could be done for other markets if the government would simply pull its fingers out and let us, the consumers, decide on what should and shouldn’t be implemented.