Monday Metal: Orion by Metallica

Before they turned into complete talentless assholes (I’m sorry their last two albums sucked indescribably amounts of ass) Metallica was an amazing band. Even though they started suing their fan base after promoting music piracy through the copying of their cassettes (that’s how they became big actually) I won’t hold that against their old music. One of my favorite things about Metallica’s earlier stuff was their use of the guitar, I just flat out enjoy it. Thus I’m brining you a little lesser known song of theirs titled Orion. It’s entirely instrumental and awesome so sit back, relax, and listen to some amazing music.

One thought on “Monday Metal: Orion by Metallica”

  1. Notice the suckage begins when they hire Bob Rock?

    An artist is doomed when they start asking outsiders if they like it rather than just letting the art stand on its merits.

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