According to The TSA They Have Rights, You Don’t

When I flow to Las Vegas I noticed signs posted talking about the rights of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rights. I didn’t really look at them closely nor think much of them but an anonymous (per their request) e-mailer send me the following picture last night:

After actually taking a minute to read that sign the irony hit me like the hammer of Thor. How ironic is it that the TSA agents who threaten, verbally abuse, and sexual molest air travelers are making statements about rights? Apparently it’s OK for them to violate your rights but it’s not OK for you to violate theirs. Don’t you simply love the government’s double standards?

But the best part is the last line that states, “Please give our officers the respect they deserve.” I believe everybody should follow this request. Agents of the TSA deserve to receive the middle finger, be called fucking assholes, and arrested by the police. If the TSA is requesting we give their agents the respect they deserve we should immediately start being belligerent towards those agents and calling the police when one of their agents sexually molests us. When they yell at us to take our shoes off we should respond with, “Go fuck yourself you statist prick!”