Practicing Your Self-Defense Skills

People in the firearms community like to talk tactics and create bizarre scenarios that can only be solved by the application of a rocket launcher mounted on the back of a dinosaur. Meanwhile Robb Allen walks us through the self-defense situation a person is most likely to encounter:

Go to the food court at your local mall. Make sure you are carrying extra magazines for your heater which is well concealed or, if you live in a freer state and you feel inclined, wear it out in the open proudly. Grab a slice of pizza or a chicken sandwich and have a seat at a table that faces the main entry way to the mall. Consume your meal at a leisurely pace. Make sure you place your trash in the receptacles provided and leave the area.

You have now been trained on how to handle the most common, civilian self defense scenario known to man.

9,999 times out of 10,000 your visit to your venue of choice is going to be uneventful thus it’s wise to practice your skills at simply going about your life as your normally would. On the scale of threats a random mugger would be the most likely defensive situation which is where carrying a means of self-defense comes into play. But the chances of angry fire-breathing ninja-raptors from Io descending onto your venue of choice to reign death and destruction while you’re there is pretty slim.

Keep the scenarios you practice for realistic and practical. Knowing how to chew your food without choking is going to serve you far more often then knowing how deploy an orbital ion cannon (although granted not as fun).