Only in Switzerland My Ass

Via Reddit I cam across a picture of a man carrying a rifle in the Apple Store:

At first glance I was assuming this picture was taken in Switzerland as that is a Swiss militia rifle but it took a while for anybody commenting to give the source of the picture. The post where this pictured originated from is titled “Only in Switzerland” which I feel insults various state in the United States.

This picture certainly isn’t a possibility exclusive to Switzerland, as a Minnesota resident with a carry permit I could toss my SR-25 over my back and walk into an Apple Store without fear of legal repercussions. As I’m a man who loves accuracy I would change the title to something like “Sadly, Only in a Few States” (state meaning either a country or a state in the United States).

What’s most telling about this photo is the reactions of those around the man, that is to say they’re not reacting. Nobody seems to notice or give a shit that somebody is carrying a rifle around on their back and that’s how it should be.