Obama Came to Cannon Falls

So Obama came to the small Minnesota town of Cannon Falls a couple of days ago on his Tour of Economic Destruction. I would have reported on it earlier but there were far more important and interesting things to write about such as my distaste for new trends in the first person shooter genre of games. Either way he came, he saw, and he accomplished nothing (his tour is turning into his presidency already). The Red Star has a small piece on the President’s visit and one of the shittiest live blogs I’ve ever seen about anything (if anybody from the Red Star is reading this please hire some people at Engadget to consult you on doing proper live blogs in the future).

As this is the Red Star the article and live blog both tout the President as the man who will deliver us from evil and vanquish all that may harm us. In reality Obama is a moron who, like almost every other politician out there, doesn’t have a clue on how to actually fix the economy. Instead of discussing the economy (which is the supposed purpose of this tour) and how he’s going to “fix” it the President’s visit seems to be nothing more than the beginning of his taxpayer funded campaign for the next presidential race. One of my favorite quotes from the article was the following:

Responding to a question about the legal challenges to his health care reform bill, Obama noted that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “instituted the exact same” individual mandate in Massachusetts.

“This used to be a Republican idea by the way, this whole idea of the individual mandate,” Obama said. “And suddenly it’s like they got amnesia. ‘Oh this is terrible. This is going to take away freedom for Americans all over the world, all over the country.'”

OK Obama I get it, you get your rocks off but forcing people to do your bidding. Because this masturbatory pleasure ends when people start calling you on your tyrannical activities you feel the need to justify why you did what you did so the serfs will shut up. But claiming that something was a Republican ideal isn’t a valid justification for anything. On top of that most Republicans wouldn’t consider Romney one of them in any real sense thus saying, “But Romney did it so that means the Republicans support it!” is stupid and meaningless. Further demonstrating his tyrannical tendencies Obama had this to say:

Noting that it was “not election season yet,” Obama said he had to mention a recent Republican presidential debate in which candidates said they would not take a deal that offered $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue increases.

“Think about that,” Obama said. “I mean, that’s just not common sense.”

Although I don’t agree with the Republican’s justification for not raising taxes (their justification being that the Democrats oppose it therefore they support it) when you look at taxation for what it really is the refusal to raise taxes is common sense. Raising taxes increase the amount of money the government steals for its citizens victims (might as well call us what we really are). Increasing taxes increases the criminal activity of theft and therefore should be avoided at any and all costs. On top of that taxes aren’t revenue, so stop claiming otherwise.