When Did Being a Skeptic Become Insult Worthy

Although I generally like to avoid giving much time to Al Gore’s apocalypse I have to say I really don’t understand one thing about its proponents. Namely the use of the word skeptic as a form of insult. Those who believe in anthropomorphic global warming climate change global climate disruption Al Gore’s apocalypse throw the term skeptic at those who dare not agree with the proponents’ beliefs.

Perhaps it’s because I come from a scientific background but I have always seen skepticism as a positive trait found in people who refuse to believe the claims of others simply because those others said they were trustworthy. Global warming skeptic doesn’t ring as an insult in my book but as a complement. It’s the same as saying a person who refuses to believe others without first analyzing the evidence for themselves.

I say our world could use a lot more skepticism. When the state tells you we need to go to war with Eastasia people should be skeptical. If somebody says that the government should confiscate your firearms for the good of society people should be skeptical. Skepticism is good and I think much of the world’s problem would be far more manageable if people would stop simply believing others without fist looking at the evidence for themselves.

2 thoughts on “When Did Being a Skeptic Become Insult Worthy”

  1. As the saying goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” If you reject their intended-to-be-offensive labels at the most basic of levels, there really is scant little more they can do.

    1. I agree but am still baffled at the very idea that a large number of people in the Al Gore’s apocalypse movement thought believe the word skeptic is a valid insult. Although I take no offense to anything the greenies tell me (I actually take great pleasure in their insults) I would like to know who comes up with their insult list.

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