If This is Our Family I Want a Divorce

It appears as through the Obama administration is really ramping up the use of the phrase “federal family.” Everybody’s favorite federal agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has decided that we’re now all part of one big fucked up federal family:

“Under the direction of President Obama and Secretary Janet Napolitano, the entire federal family is leaning forward to support our state, tribal and territorial partners along the East Coast,” a FEMA news release declared Friday as Irene churned toward landfall.

The G-word — “government” — has been nearly banished, with FEMA instead referring to federal, state and local “partners” as well as “offices” and “personnel.”

“’Government’ is such a dirty word right now,” says Florida State University communication professor Davis Houck. “Part of what the federal government does and any elected official does is change the terms of the language game into terms that are favorable to them.”

“Family” can evoke favorable thoughts of motherhood and security.

Although I’m glad that government is starting to get such a bad image attached to it I don’t think renaming it “family” is going to help improve that image. The government’s image is poor because what they’ve done has been nothing but an endless series of bad decisions.

Honestly if my family was forcefully stealing from other people, killing neighbors outside of self-defense, making life difficult for productive members of the family to alleviate the pain of unproductive members, and constantly trying to control family members by enacting new rules regulating every form of behavior and thought I’d want a divorce. Of course the last time members of the federal family tried to file for divorce they were subjected to constant physical beatings until they finally submitted and withdrew their filings.

4 thoughts on “If This is Our Family I Want a Divorce”

  1. The “Big O” is certainly not my daddy!

    I’m positive that I was adopted or a foster child if this is supposed to be my family.

    To all you statists out there, I’ll never have warm and fuzzy feelings for the government so they had better stop the Orwellian speak. I’m not buying it.

    1. @Braden – The Obamessiah certainly isn’t my father either. My father is a productive member of society who started and still runs his own business. Obama hasn’t worked a day in his life as far as I can see.

  2. Perhaps too harsh. He worked really hard to get that well-deserved Nobel Peace prize, right?

    How about his prompt closure of Gitmo, which was a campaign promise that he would work tirelessly on. Oh wait, it’s still open.

    His world apology tour was exhausting, too. All of those bows and groveling and wringing of hands.

    So, I disagree. I think he works really hard. Too bad that I view nearly every one of his actions and policies as un-American or un-presidential.

    Perhaps, it is best for the markets, world stability and our freedoms if he spends more time on the links or taking his family on all of its exotic vacations or arranging more concerts in the White House. Ahem.

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