Glock Begins Program to Swap Out Gen4 Recoil Springs

Since the release of the Gen4 Glock 17 there have been a great number of reliability complaints. I’ve seen some of this first hand with my Gen4 Glock 17. Although it functions flawlessly in my hands it’s a regular jam-o-matic when a smaller person tries to use it. After long last Glock has finally issued notice that they are swapping recoil springs free of charge.

2 thoughts on “Glock Begins Program to Swap Out Gen4 Recoil Springs”

  1. I have actually had no issues with my Gen4 17 after I broke it in with some heavy ammo I am running the original 22 spring in mine still, but I will pick up the new one since it is free. For the people who were having trouble with it they have been sending out various iterations of the spring along the way, but it is nice to see that they finally got done with the beta test and have a final release. Seems like most of the issues I was hearing about was 115 gr Federal Champion or Remington UMC or other similarly underpowered ammo. With 124 and 147gr or +P and +P+ the original spring just eats that stuff up. The hotter the ammo the happier it seems to be.

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