I believe I’m one of only three people left on the plant who still wears a wristwatch regularly. For several years now I’ve been sporting a rather awesome Tissot T-Touch stainless steel watch. For anybody who is unaware of the T-Touch line (which I expect is most everybody) it’s a wristwatch with a built in compas, chronometer, alarm, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. Why do I need all of that in a watch? Because it’s there!

Sadly the butterfly clasp on the band finally broke. As a guy who spends a great deal of time shooting I know the drill when something breaks; find out what broke, find out what part you need, search online for somebody who has the part, and finally have it shipped to your home. I’m learning that wristwatches are nothing like that. Due to the way the band attaches to the physical watch I can’t just go to any jewelry store and get a new band (I’ve already tried that). Even the authorized Tissot dealer in my area couldn’t repair it but instead gave me the number of the United States repair center for Tissot. It seems the only place on the planet to get wristwatch parts is from the manufacturers.

So it looks like my only option is to call the repair center and hope to Thor they will simply send me the part I need instead of making me send the watch in. As it sits right now I have no watch and thus am rather confused when somebody asks me what time it is. I wasn’t aware of how much I depend on a wristwatch in my daily life until now.

2 thoughts on “Wristwatches”

  1. Until you figure out where to get replacements, remove the bracelet/band put the spring pins back on the body and get a webbing nato style band. And order a spare set of spring pins in case the ones on the watch ever break. This is a great alternative to not wearing the watch because of hard to find bracelet parts.

  2. Mine was my grandfather’s. It is a Wyler.
    I was given it when he passed in 1975.
    I still wear it.
    I have to wind it daily, no battery in this one!!
    Has confused a few folks whom have seen me doing so and they were clueless and looked at me like I was some type of dinosaur.
    I also have a Pulsar that is my “fine, dress up” watch.
    Be lost without…

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