CNN’s Tea Party Republican Debate Summary

Last night’s debate was more pointless than the one previous. What follows is a summary of what I took away from the debate:

Perry seems to be the chosen one as far as the Republican party is concerned. Although his record is stained with more statist agendas than some socialists he seems to have read Ron Paul’s books and is trying to make himself sound like the good doctor. He’s a typical neocon, promising small government and liberty but will provide none of it.

Romney is the other “front runner” according to the mass media. He’s so statist that he was able to get elected governor of Massachusetts which I believe is all that needs to be said about him.

Bachmann knowns here ratings are slipping and is acting like an injured animal. She’s thrashing about and lashing out at anybody and everybody who attempts to move in to finish her off. It makes for entertaining debates.

Santorum wants to become president to move his holy crusade against the enemies of Israel forward. If were up to him we’d turn the entirety of the Middle East (excluding Israel) into a giant glass bowl. Thankfully he doesn’t have a chance at this point.

Huntsman is also a neocon piece of shit. I really don’t know what else to say about him as he’s so trivial as to be non existant.

Cain is the former head of the Kansas Federal Reserver. Although he says many of the right things his past association with the Fed made him an absolute no-go in my book.

Gingrich is the prototypical neocon. He talks about small government and liberty but his past voting record shows the exact opposite. Like most politicians this man can’t be truest any further than he can be thrown.

Paul is the one guy in the race that makes sense. His record demonstrates a strong support of liberty and he’s got enough balls to say things during the debate that no other candidate will even whisper.

Johnson wasn’t even invited. I think it’s because the major media networks are afraid of having two libertarian candidates on stage.

And that’s that. I would like to congratulate CNN on being extremely large dicks. A question about the Federal Reserve came up and, I shit you not, every candidate on stage except Ron Paul was allowed to answer. The man who literally wrote a book on the subject wasn’t asked about the Federal Reserve. What the fuck?