My Insanity

It’s well known in my circle of friends that I’m a bit insane. For instance a sane individual looking for a light-weight rifle would probably end up with a nice AR-15. Of course that’s what a sane person would do and as I just explained I’m not sane, therefore I am looking at building a lightweight AR in .308. Why? Because I absolutely love larger caliber weapons. My USPSA gun is a Glock 21SF and my carry gun is a Glock 30SF because I seem to believe every handgun needs to be in .45 or bigger (except of course my 9mm, .44 magnum, .357 magnum, etc.).

Really all I need to build is a new upper receiver with a 16″ lightweight barrel as my current LR308 lower is perfectly fine (although an adjustable stock would be nice in some situations). My current LR308 has a 20″ barrel which is nice and everything but it does weigh a lot when you’re lugging the rifle around for any length of time.

So what do I bring this up? Mostly because I have nothing better to write about today and I like putting my ideas out in public for all to see and criticize.