I Guess It’s a Matter of Perspective

I guess boring is really a matter of perspective. The last question of the CNN Tea Party Debate was an inquiry about what personal thing each candidate would have brought to the White House. Bitter over at Snowflakes in Hell found Dr. Paul’s response rather boring:

Paul – He’d teach economics classes. And give boring as hell answers to personality-driven questions.

Heh, what she finds boring I find exciting. I attend a couple of liberty oriented gathers a week and the topic of Austrian economics is often discussed. Two weeks ago I attended a debate between Austrian economics Robert Murphy and Keynesian Karl Smith. Much of my free time is reading literature on Austrian economics. Needless to say having good economics classes at the White House sounded like a pretty good time to me.

The differences in peoples’ interests has always amused me.

So what would my answer to that question had been if I were running for the presidency? My reloading bench and a good stockpile of components. Why? Because the image of me sitting in the Oval Office reloading ammunition makes me smile.