I’m Glad Other People are Are Doing the Real Work

Overall I have it pretty easy when it comes to blogging. Most of what I write are opinion pieces backed by the facts I used to form my opinion. I also write in length about topics that are philosophical in nature and require only reason to explain. For posts involving hard facts I can usually find the information I need quickly and cite it appropriately.

When I need a very well done graphic that explains the fact that more guns doesn’t correlate to more gun violence I simply have to link to Walls of the City and let Linoge do all the heavy lifting.

While people like him do all the real work I just sit back and collect a check… never mind, I just sit back. But speaking of checks if the Joyce Foundation wants to give me some money for writing this blog I’d be happy to take it. I won’t change my message or anything though, I’ll just take the money.