Kudos to Apple’s Support

I just want to throw out a kudos to Apple’s support. The other day the power on my iPhone gave up the ghost and I was able to get it replaced in under fifteen minutes. All I had to do was talk into the Apple store, setup an appointment (which I could have done before I came but I didn’t know it at the time, either way the first open appointment was 10 minutes from when I entered), and then show my problem to a tech.

The last time I had to deal with the replacement of an electronic device it was through Best Buy. Best Buy’s “support” was a nightmare and a half. I came in with a computer that obviously had a hardware problem as determined by the loud clicking sound made by the second harddrive. By the time the tech was done hemming and hawing around they finally stopped trying to blame me for installing something malicious and fixed the problem. I believe my overall time was something around an hour and a half. Meanwhile when I showed my power button failure to the Apple tech he went in back, tried to clean out any potential debris that may have gotten behind the power button, and failing that came back with a replacement phone. No hemming, no hawing, and no stupid questions asking whether or not I had tried reseting my phone to factor defaults.

I greatly appreciate a company that will stand behind their product. So kudos to Apple for having good support and not wasting my time when the problem I experienced was obviously a manufacturing fault.