What $5 Billion of Your Tax Money Buys

So what does $5 billion of your tax money buy? Fancy upgrades for Taiwan’s F-16 fleet:

The US has confirmed plans to upgrade Taiwan’s ageing fleet of F-16 US-built fighter planes.


US officials said the F-16 A/B fighters will undergo a retrofit which will bring them up to the same standards as the more advanced C/D models.

“After the upgrade, the air force’s combat capability will be advanced hugely,” Taiwanese Defence Minister Kao Hua-chu said at a late-night press conference in Taipei.

This is only one tiny example of American tax dollars being used to arm another nation. When somebody says you must pay your taxes for the benefit of the American people you may wish to remind them that much of the money stolen from us by our government doesn’t go to help anybody here but instead goes to other nations within our empire.