Update on the Woman Shot in Golden Valley

Last week I posted a story about a woman who was shot dead by a Golden Valley police officer. Almost no information was made available at the time but the Red Star has an update that may explain what happened:

After Zarrett tried to pull her over, Gordon stopped her white Honda Civic next to the interstate median near the Hopkins Crossroad overpass. The source said that she immediately got out of her car and raised a small handgun in the direction of the officer, who was behind her car. Zarrett fired at her after seeing the gun, the source said.

If this is the case then the officer was likely justified in his actions. Due to the numerous cases of police brutality I’ve read about I am no longer one who generally sides with the police in these matters. But suffice to say if I were in a similar situation (a woman got out of a car and pulled a gun on me) I’d respond in kind by taking measures to preserve my life. We’ll have to see what comes of any potential court case (or maybe footage from a dash mounted camera will be released and clear this entire mess up) to know for certain what went down.