I Saw Something So I’m Saying Something

The Department of Motherland Homeland Security has been ramping up their If You See Something, Say Something (IYSSSS) campaign. While I’ve heard of advertisements IYSSSS advertisements being placed on buses in New York but I was unaware of the Twin Cities Metro Transit buses doing the same. To my surprise this is what I saw when leaving the gun show on Saturday morning (click to embiggen):

I apologize for the shitty nature of the photograph but I had to take it with my iPhone camera while at a stop light. While there was no time for actual photography skills I hope that the images can at least be recognized through my dust covered windshield (I fucking hate road construction, it makes keeping a clean vehicle impossible).

These advertisements are like the Big Brother is Watching You posters from 1984 except far more frightening as they’re real. Make no mistake, these advertisements are the product of your tax dollars being spent to incite fear in the populace. The goal of this fear is to maintain the peoples’ obedience while the government continues to grab for far more expansive powers and continue the American people down the road to serfdom.

This country is scaring the shit out of me more and more every day. The fact that the government can spend taxpayer money on fear mongering such as this without causing much in the way of civil unrest isn’t a good sign for days to come. Just remember when this country turns into a complete tyrannical dictatorship there were a few of us trying to warn everybody.