Why Not, We’ve Limited Every Other Right

Is it bad when our “representatives” are so brazen in their hatred for our supposedly constitutionally guaranteed rights that they flat out say we should reinterpret those rights as privileges? I think it’s bad and that’s exactly what they’re doing:

Proponents of a more refined First Amendment argue that this freedom should be treated not as a right but as a privilege — a special entitlement granted by the state on a conditional basis that can be revoked if it is ever abused or maltreated.

Wow… I’m really at a loss for words. Can you imagine what would happen if you could only exercise speech at the blessing of the state? This blog would be gone in a heartbeat along with, likely, 99% of the other gun blogs. The Mises Institute would likely get the gag order along with Reason Magazine and every other publication that dares criticize the government.

Then again the government has already turned every so-called right into a privilege that requires state approval to exercise so why not speech? While we’re at it why not require passports to travel between the various states of the Union? Perhaps the government could install cameras in every home to ensure nothing seditious is taking place within.

Make no mistake, unless people demonstrate visible outrage over statements like this the critters in Congress will think they can get away with acting on these statements.

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