For Delayed Release

EDIT: 2011-10-07 14:39: I was informed by Mr. Rothman that my assumptions in regards to this rant were entirely incorrect. I’ll leave the post up to a testament to my ignorance but feel free to disregard the mess of text below.

On many of these occupy[x] ([x] being any location) websites the posts often start with, “For immediate release.” What the fuck is the purpose of throwing that in there? If you’re posting something on your website it’s been released.

Throwing “for immediate release” at the beginning of a post publicly available for all on the Internet to read seems like an attempt to look professional but without knowing what the fuck you’re doing. I bet the kid writing these posts is thinking, “I should say this is for immediate release otherwise people might think I meant to release this in a couple of hours and messed up.” The phrase “for immediate release” is usually for internal use and notifies an editor that the article is of a time critical manner and should be released immediately.

For instance if a school bus full of children was set ablaze and pushed over a cliff onto a retirement home which was built right next to an animal shelter that specialized in cute kittens and puppies the editor would say the accompanying story was to be released immediately. The immediately released article would normally not contain the words “for immediate release” though. If you want people to take your movement seriously then you’re going to need to sound better than a bunch of high school children with bad attitudes. There has to be at least one grammar nazi in your organization, pass all articles to that person for review before throwing them up on your website.

Yes, I realize this gripe is minor and ultimately pointless but it bugs me and this site is my personal ranting platform at times.