Last Night’s Republican Presidential Candidate Debate

It’s a new week which means a new Republican presidential candidate debate. There isn’t much to say about this debate that I haven’t said in posts about previous debates. Basically the entire debate can be summed up as follows: Everybody there besides Ron Paul is a fucking idiot and our country is boned if any of them obtain power of if Obama keeps his.

With that said there were some highlights. First of all Herman Cain really fucked up because when the moderator asked him who he thought was a good Federal Reserve chairman the answer that came out of his mouth was Alan Greenspan. While the answer was idiotic Ron Paul wasted not time jumping on that and pointing out the fact that Bernanke is just a continuation of Greenspan which is lead to more continuous bubbles.

A couple people at the debate watching party (yes, we have those) were playing the Herman Cain drinking game. The Herman Cain drinking game is very easy and consists of taking a drink every time he says the phrase, “nine nine nine.” The downside to this game is that you can get completely obliterated in a very short span of time so you may pass out and miss the tailing half of the debate (although the brain damage caused by the alcohol will be negligible compared to the brain damage caused by watching the rest of the debate). I still don’t understand how Cain thinks giving the federal government another source of revenue in the form of a federal sales tax is a good idea. While I detest Bachmann she pointed out the fact that governments aren’t very willing to voluntarily give up revenue streams but are more than willing to increase the size of those streams.

Bachmann has been fun to watch because she’s acting like an injured animal and striking at anything that gets close to her. She made a great quip about 999 turned upside down becomes 666. Being a religious zealot I kind of expected hearing her say that but damn it was still fun even though I saw it coming.

That’s about all I can say about this debate that I haven’t said about previous debates.