Wait People are Taking Free Stuff, Next You’ll Tell Me Water is Wet

The recent occupy movements have been fueled mostly by donated goods. I know the local Minneapolis occupiers are constantly asking for needed items like food, toilet paper, mouthwash, coats, shirts, socks, etc. There’s an obvious problem when you have a gathering fueled entirely by charitable donations, as Miguel at Gun Free Zone points out, people outside of the movement are likely to come and take your shit:

Meanwhile, the protesters are starting to notice folks taking advantage of the demonstration by grabbing some of the free food and clothes that have been made available in Zuccotti Park.

“The tourists take all the food, and the hipsters take all the clothes,” said one demonstrator.

Yup, this happens when you no longer have a system of strict property rights. If everything is up for grabs don’t be surprised if everybody grabs things. This is a major problem that develops in any setting where property rights aren’t strictly defined or enforced. If you’re providing free for for everybody then need to understand people are going to be showing up regardless of whether or not they are part of your movement because they want free shit.

Behavior like this is also what dictates the end of societies build around the idea of, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” While the people of ability will produce for the needs of society at first they will eventually realize that they’re working their asses off while those providing nothing towards the betterment of society reap all of the reward. Once the people of ability realize this they will cease producing and become one of the leeches. Why work your ass off if you’re not going to receive anything for your efforts when you can kick back, relax, and receive everything you need without having to work? When you have a society composed entirely of leeches the blood eventually runs out and all perish.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I’m not saying voluntary donations are bad. I give money to quite a few organizations. But those who support the abolition of property rights and freely giving anything to anybody who asks need to realize that the system will attract leeches. If you’re OK with this then by all means provide goods freely to those who ask but don’t complain when the leeches show up and start taking everything.