Perhaps It’s Time to Up My Capacity

It seems the media’s version of flash mobs are becoming more common. A Pedal Pub in Minneapolis was attacked by at least 25 people:

A flash mob of 25 to 30 youths on Saturday night attacked the Pedal Pub, a four-wheeled bicycle and bar powered by up to a dozen people, as it rolled down Nicollet Mall near S. 6th Street.

None of the 12 people riding the Pedal Pub was injured, but the passengers were shaken by the sudden attack, said Scott Ranney, who had rented it with friends.

The kids jumped on the Pub, shook it and grabbed at purses and belongings, Ranney said. A BlackBerry was the only thing stolen, and the attack ended just as suddenly as it began, with the kids running away.

“They could have done anything they wanted,” Ranney said.

In this case the victims were lucky, the attackers stopped without hurting anybody. The outcome could have been much different had the attackers decided they wanted to bring physical harm to those on the Pedal Pub. The last line in the quote is very accurate, the attacks could have done anything they wanted considering how outmatched the riders on the Pedal Pub were.

While I do not advocate combining alcohol and firearms in any form, the drivers of the Pedal Pub is required to remain sober so if I were in that position I would certainly be carrying. Hell with the increase in these so-called flash mobs I’m starting to think my subcompact .45’s 10+1 rounds may be a liability. Even though I always have a spare magazine on me, which gives me an additional 10 rounds, it requires time to grab the spare magazine from my pocket and reload the firearm. I’m starting to think it’s not unwise to have a gun in .40 or 9mm just for the additional capacity. After all good self-defense ammunition exists for all three calibers which makes them very effective relative to one another.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps It’s Time to Up My Capacity”

  1. I’m thinking a crew-served heavy machine gun might be in order soon. How has our world become this crazy?

  2. 18 Rounds in a Glock 17 is pretty appealing. Especially some nice +P 124gr or 127gr +P+.

  3. Frankly, I still hold to the old maxim that if you have a problem that 10 rounds of .45ACP can’t solve, then you have a problem that needs a rifle. Or an army.

    Do you really think any member of a so-called “flash mob” is going to stick around long enough to be the 11th guy to get shot?

    Are you armed? If so, most criminals will avoid you, or back off once they discover you’re armed. If not…

    Are you mentally prepared to pull the trigger? If so, most criminals who stuck around after seeing the gun will run away, even if you don’t hit them. If not…

    Can you hit what you’re shooting at, under stress conditions? Of the miniscule percentage of criminals who are still around waiting to see this, the group that’ll stick around waiting to see if you can/will put the same hole in them that you just put into their buddy is so close to zero as to be unworthy of serious attention.

    One guy with 10+1 of .45ACP and competent to use it is probably the toughest prey they’ll ever face. Much easier to back off and go after someone soft. No shortage of those, in a modern urban hipster zone.

    1. Do you really think any member of a so-called “flash mob” is going to stick around long enough to be the 11th guy to get shot?

      Not really, I was mostly looking for an excuse to justify a pistol in .40 S&W. While I have no need to buy a new gun it’s a caliber I don’t have and damn it I want a fair representation of every caliber I can find.

      By the way you’re totally destroying my feeble attempt at justification, I hope you’re happy!

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