Big Brother in Our Street Lights

I’m getting rather sick of all the new devices coming out that help our government spy on us. The number of new devices and laws being presented the help government agents listen in on our conversations and watch our ever move is mind-boggling. Not satisfied with the current state of eavesdropping technologies now even street lights are being converted from their benevolent use of providing light to a more sinister purpose:

They are being used for entertainment and safety. but some critics say this is nothing more than the watchful eye of big brother keeping track of your every moment.


When you step come into view of the street light, there is a camera that spots you, and the person on the other side sees you by white specs on a black screen. The camera senses that somebody is there, and if wants, it can even take your picture.

The system is also capable of recording conversations making critics cry invasion of privacy.

While this is being touted as a great thing by the manufacturer I must say what they think is great I think is despicable:

He said this project “demonstrates how business and government can work together for economic, environmental and social benefits.”

I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I hear a business tycoon say they can or have demonstrated how business and government can work together. There is a term used to describe a social and economic system where business and government hop into bed together, and that term is fascism. No good comes from a tyrannical government working hand-in-hand with private businesses and let’s be honest, the only thing faster than light is the speed our government is driving down tyranny road.

While I have no expectation of privacy when I’m out and about I do expect my supposed Constitutional protections against government snooping to apply at all times.