Exactly Like This

Many of the participants at the numerous occupations have been complaining about the recent increase in “moochers” taking food and donated goods meant of the occupiers. Rob Allen has presented a novel idea for dealing with this problem:

Since you have all the food necessary to feed the people, we can consider it a place where you store goods… I dunno, call it a ‘food bank’ or something. We know that because you have only a limited amount of food, you need to ensure that the food is distributed correctly. One way you could do this is issue vouchers for food with the condition that those who take food promise to bring more in later to replenish the stocks. Call this “a food loan”. Even the homeless people would have to agree to pay back their fair share of food. By doing so, your bank can ensure it always has enough food to feed everyone!

Finally, when you realize that there’s not enough food to go around, you can tell all the people holding ‘food credit’ that they need to pay up and when they complain that their degree in Domicile Avoidance hasn’t permitted them to obtain sustenance (you’re gonna love this part) you can forgive everyone’s food loans!!!!! Just like that!


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