Monday Metal: White Death by Sabaton

I found something extremely awesome for this week’s Monday Metal entry. When the Soviet Union invaded Finland a total bad ass by the name of Simo Häyhä decided he wasn’t all that thrilled by the Soviet’s attempt to overtake his country and set out to inform them of his displeasure. By the end of the Winter War Simo Häyhä, using a modified Mosin Nagant rifle and a Suomi KP/-31, sent the Soviet military a message by knocking off at least 505 of their soldiers.

While the Soviets managed to inflict a severe wound against Simo, by sending a round through his face, he recovered and lived to a ripe old age of 96. To paraphrase one of my friends, Simo Häyhä and death metal are why nobody wants to fuck with Finland. A great power metal band by the name of Sabaton wrote a song about Simo Häyhä titled White Death which is this week’s Monday Metal entry: