Another State Votes Against Mandatory Health Insurance

It appears the tradition of nullification is alive and well in regards to the federal Health Insurance Company Enrichment Act. Ohio joins the rapidly growing number of states that have voted against allowing the government to dictate what you buy:

On the eve of the 213th anniversary of the passage of Thomas Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, laying the intellectual groundwork of nullification, the people of Ohio exercised their power and nullified the insurance mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Ohioans passed Issue Three, a constitutional amendment to preserve their right to choose their own health care and health care coverage. Preliminary returns indicated a wide margin of victory, with more than 60 percent approving the amendment. The amendment makes it illegal for any local, state or federal law to require Ohio residents to purchase health insurance, effectively nullifying a key component of the PPACA.

“This signifies that state level resistance to federal power is not just an old idea relegated to history books,” Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin said, “It’s something that’s alive and well right now.”

Ohio became the tenth state to reject the insurance mandates in the PPACA.

Good on you Ohio. There is no justification that allows the federal government to determine what you will and will not buy. While the lack of justification hasn’t stopped the federal government from dictating that all Americans buy into Social Security it’s still nice to see a line in the sand drawn somewhere.

The idea that you have to buy health insurance under threat of punishment is disgusting and I’m not sure how the American public put up with the passage of such legislation. While those who support the legislation say it’s important to ensure all Americans receive quality healthcare they are mistaken in what this bill really enacts. It doesn’t enact quality healthcare, it enacts violence by putting a gun to the head of every American and demanding they buy health insurance.