Let’s Drive the Point Home on the SOPA

The government seems determined to slam the Stop Online Piracy Act through the legislative process in order to appease their big copyright holding donors. I feel we need to drive home the erroneous nature of this legislation, which will allow copyright holders to shut down Internet sites by filing copyright infringement claims against said sites. There is a legal gray area known as song lyrics. Many recording companies claim copyright over song lyrics and thus feel posting said lyrics without permission constitutes a violation of their copyright.

Knowing this I propose an the following: Let us to the We the People petition site, create numerous petitions containing copy written song lyrics, and then report the violations to the copyright holders. Under SOPA there would be the potential that the White House website would need to be taken down as it would be violating copyright laws. The only way to get the attention of politicians is if you give them a taste of their own medicine.