Continuing the Road to Persia

It appears as though Syria is going to be Obama’s next war:

The USS George H.W. Bush, the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, has reportedly parked off the Syrian coast. The move comes as the U.S. embassy in Damascus urged Americans to “immediately” leave the country.


Some Arab publications have reported this week that a no-fly zone will soon be put in place over Syria — similar to the one implemented over Libya last spring. And while such reports in the Arab press are often met with skepticism by western observers, the financial news service ZeroHedge flagged down a report from the respected private intelligence company Stratfor stating that CVN 77, better known as the George H.W. Bush, had left the strategically vital Straits of Hormuz for the Syrian coast.

Parking aircraft carriers off of their coast and telling American citizens within the country to leave is not a good sign for those living in the country. After Libya Obama has learned that he can move our country into war without so much as a nod of Congress’s head so there is little chance of preventing this war from starting if our Dear Leader desires it. I guess it makes sense to move into Syria as we’re not currently risking the lives of enough soliders or sinking enough money into overthrowing regimes we originally put into power.

It would be nice if our country adopted a foreign policies that involved something besides killing foreigners. Were we to do that we’d save trillions of dollars and reduce the amount of hatred directed towards our country by outside nations.