90,000 Permit Holders and Counting

I’m pleased to report that Minnesota now has over 90,000 carry permit holders and so far we’ve not had any trouble with the fabled “blood in the streets” foretold by the anti-gunners. This fine state even allows carry in establishments that serve alcohol, hell a person carrying a firearm can have a blood alcohol level of .04%, and we still haven’t had any increase in the number of drunken shootouts at our local watering holes (which remains at zero as far as I know).

Either we’re doing something wrong in Minnesota or the anti-gunners are incorrect when claiming more people carrying guns leads to more gun violence.

4 thoughts on “90,000 Permit Holders and Counting”

  1. Funny, the widespread murder and mayhem predicted by the anti’s here in Nebraska hasn’t materialized either.

    Why does anyone listen to these folk?

  2. 90,000 seems pretty low for as many people as are in the state hopefully they can get that up a ways in the coming years. I think my dad has considered getting one up there. And one of my friends has an expired one that he is planning on renewing in the near future, one of my uncles was discussing getting his over thanksgiving as well.

    1. @Tango – Minnesota and Nebraska must be exceptions to the rules, that’s the only explanation!

      @Jeff – Yeah Jeff I know the numbers are kind of low but we’re working on getting them higher. It’s sad to say a great number of people, especially in the Twin Cities region, aren’t big fans of guns so are unlikely to ever attempt to get permits.

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