Thanks Minnesota Senators

I would like to take a moment out of my day to thank senators Franken and Klobuchar for voting in favor of indefinite detention of American citizens without charge. It’s good to see such staunch defenders of government power representing the fine state of Minnesota.

In case either Franken or Klobuchar have staff members that are paid to browse the Internet for mentions of their names let me make my position clear in case the sarcasm is missed; if either Franken or Klobuchar have any decency they’ll immediately resign for their failure to defend the rights of the American people. Of course I realize that they’re both politicians and therefore have no decency but alas I like to make my opinion well known.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Minnesota Senators”

    1. Don’t feel bad you received the same treatment I did. The only time I tried contracting Klobuchar I received no response and the one time I sent Franken a letter I received a response… seven months (not exaggerating) later. What really rubbed salt in the wound is the fact the letter was a canned response, after waiting seven months you’d think it would have been a note penned by the man himself.

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