A Flawed Plan From the Start

Online petitions are always entertaining to read. While many of them contain good ideas the history of such petitions accomplishing anything is nonexistent. Thus I find the continued proliferation of such petitions, given their futile nature, a little bit surprising. Still I must say if this petition calling for the impeachment of every senator who voted for the National Defense Authorization Act received any traction the people of the United States would quickly learn the fact that their government is no longer by the people:

To every Senator who votes in favor of the $662 billion-dollar National Defense Authorization Act a.k.a. “U.S. is a Battlefield” bill, which gives the military a right to raid the homes of U.S. citizens and detain them indefinitely without charges, rights to a lawyer, or habeus corpus:

You are committing treason directly against the American people! We do not fear signing this petition, because if we live in fear, we will have lost. This is a way of peacefully standing up and saying we will not let a small group of politicians take away the rights and freedoms of 300,000,000+ people!

We the People are holding you accountable and saying, “We will not let this happen.” This legislation goes directly against the U.S. Citizens Bill of Rights written by our Founding Fathers. It is the basis of the country and no one is allowed to dissolve these rights!

Americans, stand up for our country and what is right! Impeach every single Senator who votes to destroy the Constitution

Asking 93 out of 100 senators to being impeachment hearings against themselves isn’t going to happen. Those asking for impeachment likely do not understand the difference between impeachment and recall elections. Impeachment hearings are initiated by the legislative body, the same people who just voted in favor of this bill. Recall elections are voter initiated actions to remove a “representative” from power. The only process really available to the people if a majority of the legislative body is against us is mass recall elections. We need to remember that these senators don’t view themselves as representatives of the people but overlords of the peasants whom should remain subservient to the state. If voting in favor of legislation granting the indefinite detainment of American citizens without trail isn’t enough to prove this point I don’t know what is.