Imagine if They Let Women Vote

My head constantly reels at some of the stupidity I come across in the world. Case in point members of Saudi Arabia’s religious council have released a report claiming that lifting the prohibition against women driving would lead to horrible consequences:

Repealing a ban on women drivers in Saudi Arabia would result in ‘no more virgins’, the country’s religious council has warned.

A ‘scientific’ report claims relaxing the ban would also see more Saudis – both men and women – turn to homosexuality and pornography.

That’s right, allowing women to drive will lead to the extinction of virgins in their country and the spontaneous introduction of homosexuality. This is a huge problem in other countries that allow women to drive… I’m sorry I mistyped, there is no such problem in said countries. If this report is to be believed homosexuality only started to crop up after the invention of the automobile and the entire history of Greece (among many other nations) was entirely fictional. On top of that it also means there isn’t a single virgin anywhere in any country that allows women to drive.

Much of this seems to stem from simple misunderstandings:

In the report Professor Subhi described sitting in a coffee shop in an unnamed Arab state.

‘All the women were looking at me,’ he wrote. ‘One made a gesture that made it clear she was available… this is what happens when women are allowed to drive.’

The misunderstanding is quite obvious, many men from Saudi Arabia appear to believe that they’re hot shit and a gift from God to women everywhere. I know a few men like this and when they claim a woman is making it clear she is available it is very obvious no such fact exists. Perhaps somebody simply needs to deflate the egos of these narcissistic assholes and the country’s problems will be quickly alleviated.