My Dreams of a Write Mountable Dosimeter are In Sight

Earlier this year I blogged about a wristwatch that contains a built-in dosimeter. I’ve been trying to find one of these but so far every company that sells them requires you either make a bulk purchase or they only sell to scientific institutions.

Browsing through Marathon’s website I came across a familiar face, a rebranded PM1208M. Technically it looks to be an upgraded version (the one on Marathon’s website is called the GammaMaster II whereas the one I linked to earlier this year was merely the GammaMaster) but either way I threw myself on the notification list and hope to see a message in my inbox soon telling me the watch is available to order.

What am I going to do with it you ask? Hell if I know, it’ll basically be a conversation piece. The bottom line is I have a love of cramming gizmos into wristwatches and this device does that exceptionally well.

2 thoughts on “My Dreams of a Write Mountable Dosimeter are In Sight”

  1. I would say you are going to wear it to the airport and if the TSA asks you to do the pornoscan you can decline and let them know you have a dosimeter and their machine is leaking.

    1. I can see it now.

      Me: “Hey Mr. TSA agent the dosimeter on my watch says your fancy body scanner is leaking.”

      TSA Agent: “Shut up serf! You don’t know anything about these machines, you’re just a stupid civilian!”

      Honestly though if I do finally managed to nab one of these you can guarantee I’ll get a reading from one of the body scanners at some point. Isn’t it sad that I have to find a device disguised as a watch in order to get a reading on how much radiation those machines are outputting? You would think the “most transparent government in history” would publish such information on the sides of the machines.

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