More Fear Mongering by the Department of Homeland Security

The federal government never stops with the fear mongering. They likely realize that if those of us residing in the United States don’t remain fearful we’ll be less likely to surrender our civil liberties and money peacefully. This time the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is claiming Al Qaeda is planning to sew bombs into people:

That’s right: Al-Qaida wants to surgically implant bombs into people. Or so the government claims.

Not that there’s an imminent threat, says the Department of Homeland Security. Or a surgery bomb plot that’s been foiled at the last stitch. No, this was just an “aspirational” terror plan – one that the government is now ever-so-conveniently leaking.


Supposedly, this fantastical story is based on “new intelligence,” Reuters reports. And we’ve been told by people in position to see such information — who wouldn’t talk on the record — that this is more than just a page from the last Batman script.

What was the source of this “new intelligence?” Bruce Schneier explains:

Actually, not really. This is an “aspirational” terrorist threat, which basically means that someone mentioned it while drunk in a bar somewhere.

What’s next? Perhaps DHS can pilfer the Moonraker script for their next round of fear mongering, then they could have Al Qaeda in space!

One thought on “More Fear Mongering by the Department of Homeland Security”

  1. Thank goodness that we have the TSA to detect these new terrorist countermeasures to our new violation…I mean screening, techniques. I sleep well knowing the TSA has thwarted all attempts to bring explosive devices on our aircraft, such as in shoes and underwear…oh wait…

    So, what has the TSA done for us again?
    Let’s see, fondled little girls (check), molested nuns (check) frisked old grandmothers (check) and humiliated post-surgery people and cancer survivors (double credit for this, check, check). I feel so much better that these obvious risks to our safety are being searched vigorously. I can’t wait for the day when I get the advice from a smurf-blue deviant that, “the KY jelly will be a little cold…” as he snaps on the latex glove.

    Where the hell are our Fourth Amendment rights?

    BTW, I no longer fly for personal trips. Now it is only for required business and most grumpily.

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