Mission Accomplished… Again

Have you heard? We’ve declared victory in Iraq… again! I guess we had so much time winning last time we’ve decided to relive the glory and declare our victory a second time:

The US Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta, told troops the mission had been worth the cost in blood and dollars.

He said the years of war in Iraq had yielded to an era of opportunity in which the US was a committed partner.

Only about 4,000 US soldiers now remain in Iraq, but they are due to leave in the next two weeks.

All the troops are finally coming home, except for the paltry 15,000 that will be in our Vatican City sized Iraq embassy of course. I’m also betting that many of our troops in Iraq aren’t coming home but instead being redeployed to Afghanistan to prepare for our eventual invasion of Iran.

Seriously there’s so much damned doublespeak involved with our “exiting” Iraq that I can’t keep the meaning of some basic words straight anymore.