Monday Metal: We Drink Your Blood by Powerwolf

I’ve been on one hell of a power metal kick lately and in my search for new lead me to Powerwolf. The thing I noticed instantly was the fact the band members wear corpse paint, which is rare for a power metal band but is a nice touch. Musically there really isn’t anything I dislike about this band but to my ears the vocals really shine. Their vocalist, Karsten Brill, (who appears to use the stage name Attila Dorn) studied classical opera and it really shows in his singing. Even though I’m not a fan of opera (perhaps I’d enjoyed the opera equivalent of an action film, who knows) I generally find operatic male vocals very enjoyable.

Needless to say combining a male opera singer with a power metal band and an organ thrown in for good measure (I love the sound of organs) is just fucking awesome. Don’t take my word for it have a list yourself, just note that if your religiously sensitive this song is probably not for you (in fact the entire Monday Metal series is probably not for you considering the content):