Obama Signs the National Defense Authorization Act into Law

The savior of civil rights and advocate of peace signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law, effectively neutralizing the Bill of Rights and placing further economic sanctions on Iran:

The White House had said that the legislation could lead to an improper military role in overseeing detention and court proceedings and could infringe on the president’s authority in dealing with terrorism suspects. But it said that Mr. Obama could interpret the statute in a way that would preserve his authority.


The White House also wrestled with Congress over requirements that the United States punish foreign financial firms that purchase Iranian oil, including through Iran’s central bank. Such a step would greatly increase the pressure on Iran over its nuclear program.

But the administration feared that if the measures were imposed too hastily, they could disrupt the oil market, driving up prices and alienating countries, including close allies, that the United States is seeking to enlist in its pressure campaign against Iran.

It’s OK though because the President has given us is word that he will never order the indefinite detention of American citizens:

The president, for example, said that he would never authorize the indefinite military detention of American citizens, because “doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation.” He also said he would reject a “rigid across-the-board requirement” that suspects be tried in military courts rather than civilian courts.

After all Obama is a candidate you can trust! Sarcasm aside he may actually keep this promise, instead of indefinite detention he seems to favor ordering the murder of suspected terrorists and their children.

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