It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday today and all I wanted was to see Ron Paul’s victory in Iowa, instead I got this:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has narrowly won the first vote by US Republican party supporters in the process to choose a presidential candidate for this year’s election.

He finished just eight votes ahead of former senator Rick Santorum in the rural Midwest state of Iowa.

It’s not too late though because those of you in Iowa who voted for Santorum can make it up to me by killing yourselves.

3 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. A Ron Paul win would have been awesome. Since people could register to vote on site I wonder how many dems switched sides and voted for the biggest idiot to throw off the votes.

  2. I saw an interesting stat that 38% of caucus goers were first timers and 37% of those Voted RP. That’s 14% of the total.

    The issue is RP can’t pull this off in the rest of the caucuses because of the closed caucus systems in place.

  3. @ZCORR – Actually many of my Democrat friends are members of what they’re calling the Blue Republicans. Basically they are switching to the Republican party for this election to get Ron Paul in place as they’re pissed at Obama and afraid of the other Republican candidates. On the other hand there probably were a decent number of asshole saboteurs.

    @Paul – Last election had a lot of new caucus goers as well but yeah the closed system in other states may very well screw over Ron Paul as many of his supporters are new and the currently established system favors those who have been in politics for longer.

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