Why Do Anti-Gunners Advocate Initiating Violence

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand the sheer amount of hypocrisy behind the anti-gunner’s cause. Those demanding more gun control laws are advocating the initiation of violence against gun owners while claiming to be against the proliferation of violence. Case in point let’s take a hypothetical case and follow it to its logical conclusion. Let’s say the gun control crowd suddenly get a huge surge of followers and somehow manage to nullify the Second Amendment via an amendment that entirely bans firearms within the United States (yes I realize this is far fetched but I’m performing reductio ad absurdum).

After the amendment is passed you the legally owned firearms will need to be confiscated. It’s true that a great number of gun owners will be stupid enough to voluntarily surrender their arms to law enforcement but you’re going to have a lot of gun owners who tell the collection agency to fuck themselves. What do you think the state is going to do to these stubborn gun owners? As with any other law the state is going to enforce a prohibition against arms using violence; if the gun owners don’t surrender their firearm armed agents of the state will be sent in to take them and murder the gun owners if they attempt to resist.

Thus we have a contradiction, the anti-gunners are advocating the initiation of violence in order to, as they claim, prevent violence. Non-violent gun owners whose only crime was to be in possession of property not listed at verboten will be killed if they don’t roll over and take what the state is dishing out. Why do the anti-gunners want this violence? Do they believe the ends justify the means? If that is the case I’m sure they would love to read up on Joseph Stalin’s means to accomplish his desired ends.

Whenever a law to interfere with property ownership is passed it necessarily requires that property be confiscated from violators of the law. Confiscation always requires the threat and use of force otherwise few will willingly surrender what they have worked hard to obtain.

Anti-gunners are hypocrites who don’t even see that the laws they advocate will simply lead to a spike in violence. Perhaps they don’t care because according to many in the anti-gunner camp us gun owners are lowly knuckle dragging neanderthals best rounded up and executed so we don’t spread our backward ways of thinking.