The Only Tool of The State is Violence

I’ve said it many times but it bears repeating; the only tool available to the state is violence. Every rule, regulation, and law passed by the state is ultimately enforced at the point of a gun. Even blowing a stop sign can ultimately lead to violence being brought against you as explained so well by Jeffery Trucker in the video posted here earlier today. This is why libertarians are so wary about passing new laws, doing so necessarily means the people will be subjected to more force. A man in Austin, Texas named John Bush explains this fact all too well:

Mr. Bush was prohibited from to the Austin City Council for one year. Think about the implications of that for one moment. In our country you’re supposedly able to address your government and take your grievances to them yet they hold the power to prevent you from doing so. Any number of excuses can be used to prohibit you from addressing state agents meaning you really have no right of redress.

What one organization is given a monopoly on creating and enforcing the rules you can’t be truly free.