Obama is the Touch of Death for Companies

Sua Eccellenza Barack Obama, Capo del Governo, Duce del Fascismo e Fondatore dell’Impero has some very powerful abilities. He can just mention a company during his State of the Union address causing them to instantly go bankrupt:

Andrew Restuccia of The Hill is reporting that Ener1, a battery company that President Obama referenced in his State of The Union Speech on Tuesday as an example of successful energy investments, has just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

That’s just two days after the speech.

I believe it’s obvious for all to see that Obama’s words are the touch of death for any company. First Solyndra and now Ener1, I wonder what that next company Obama will point to as a successful investment only to see it go into bankruptcy shortly afterwards. Does this power extent to government agencies? If so I have a list of government agencies for Obama to mention.

3 thoughts on “Obama is the Touch of Death for Companies”

  1. Perhaps he could characterize Congress as a business during a future speech and then they could “go out of business” too. Shoot, more money will just be printed to keep their sorry butts afloat.

    Seriously, it is getting to be a bit comical with the economic ineptitude of “The One” and the destruction and waste that goes with his crony capitalism schemes.

    GM, Solyndra, Enerl, Fannie-Freddie, and so on, are bad jokes. Let’s just throw millions or billions of dollars at a company and see what happens.

    Poof! Gone!

  2. What this really proves is to never take business advice from a democrat, if success can be defined as not yet having filed bankruptcy. You would think that one of his fact checkers could have actually looked at the company to see if business was actually thriving at the company. Oh well just a few dozen million more dollars down the drain from the tax payer, I would be angry but compared to the trillions already wasted by the administration its barely a blip on the radar.

  3. @Branden – Well Obama could declare Congress a business and since they’re not on favorable terms with the administrative branch they would be allowed to actually go bankrupt. Doing this would allow Obama to free himself from the pesky requirement of getting laws passed through Congress before he can sign them (although arguably he just does this with executive orders now anyways so my point is really moot).

    @zerg539 – I think the lesson here is never take business advice from a politician unless they’re offering you some kind of under the table dealing that will ensure your pockets get lined with taxpayer money.

    But you’re right the millions of dollars being sunk into these crony businesses is a mere drop in the bucket. It’s really fucking sad when we can talk about millions of dollars as through it’s pocket change for our government. How far the mighty have fallen.

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