Minnesota Omnibus Gun Rights Legislation is Back

I’m back in Minnesota and thus can begin posting time relevant information again. My arrival in Minnesota greeted me with some good news, last year’s omnibus gun rights legislation is back:

Last year, GOCRA worked with Minnesota legislators to introduce the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act, a sweeping set of legislation that would fundamentally rebalance Minnesota law to protect and support the rights of law-abiding citizens.

While the House bill, HF1467 passed a vote, SF1357 was tabled in order to delay a vote for one year. That year is up and the omnibus gun rights legislation is back and ready for action.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota Omnibus Gun Rights Legislation is Back”

  1. What is GOCRA? I have never actually heard of them. Are they primarily a gun rights type group or what? I would have thought the NRA affiliate the MN Rifle and Revolver people would be pushing this as well.

  2. I guess clicking the link helps Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance? Are they an AZ CDL type group, like do they actually get anything done?

    1. They were the organization that managed to get Minnesota’s carry legislation through so I’d say they do quite well. The people who run it are also top notch gun rights individuals.

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