Judge Orders Business Shutdown Because of Patron Actions

If anybody believes government doesn’t have too much power they are either insane or not paying attention. When a judge is able to force the closure of a business because of the actions of some patrons there is a major problem:

A judge approved a motion to temporarily shut down MugShots bar in Toledo on Tuesday. The move comes after six people were shot outside the bar early Monday morning. But believe it or not one of the victims is speaking out. “For them to want to close down, not just Mugshots, but any bar for other peoples actions, I don’t think that’s fair,” Lakeisha Carter said.

Carter was waiting in line outside Mugshots Bar when the shooting took place. She was shot twice, once in each leg. Police tell 13abc 20-year-old Rhaymoun Villolovos and his brother, 22-year-old Richard were kicked out of the bar after a fight. That’s when they allegedly grabbed their guns and started shooting. As a result, the city got a temporary restraining order that closed the bar.

“Mugshots is being looked at like the place to fight … but it’s happening everywhere,” Carter explained.

The problem here wasn’t the bar or the alcohol, it was the people who shot one another. Closing the bar because some patrons decided it was a jolly good idea to start blasting one another is a perfect example of punishing the wrong person (or people in this case since the bar employees won’t be receiving pay for the duration of the shutdown). Of course the judge is merely protecting the people form themselves with this order so everybody will be entirely fine with it.

I’m sure the anti-gunners are going to swoop in on this and claim it is an example of why allowing people to carry firearms into bars is a bad idea. What they won’t stop to determine is whether or not any of the initiators of violence even had carry permits.