Politics, The Reality Television Show for Suckers

This week on Politics: The Reality Television Show for Suckers, Obama puts forth a new tax plan that he claims will increase government revenue by $1.5 trillion:

US President Barack Obama has proposed to raise taxes on the wealthy in his 2013 budget, prompting an election year spending showdown with Republicans.

The proposal includes $1.5 trillion (£950bn) in new taxes, much from allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire.

Who will win this entirely pointless debate that completely misses the point that the government is simply spending too much money? Could Obama and the Democrats pull off a tax increase that will fail to raise enough money to effect the deficit in any notable way or will the Republicans shut down the attempted tax increase that is ultimately without consequence? Join us all week on Days of Our Lives Politics as the debate rages on!

While we don’t know who will claim victory, we do know nothing of value will be accomplished!