Support the Troops, Vote Ron Paul

Most people express a desire to support the military personell of the United States. Driving down any busy highway will likely lead to seeing at least one bumper sticker that reads, “I Support Our Troops.” If you really want to support our troops then you should stand behind the presidential candidate they stand behind:

The number of civilians walking behind the veterans and active duty marching to show that “Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops” was reported to be over 1,000 family members and supporters. The official march by the troops and veterans themselves is believed to have been an additional 900 people. It is unclear at this time, how many members of the public may have been in the crowd to observe this historic public statement by our veterans in support of Ron Paul for President of the United States.

I will also point out the fact that members of the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force are Paul’s biggest financial contributors.

Support the troops and vote for the candidate who will bring them home. When it comes to sending supplies to the troops most Americans are all for it but when it comes to preserving those troops’ lives from being needlessly wasted most people seem unwilling to do what is necessary and work to get Paul into office.