You’re All a Bunch of Socialists

Meme obtained from Facebook

Ludwig von Mises was the man when it came to economics. At a time everybody was preaching the great new planned economy Mises stood, at time, entirely alone in his advocacy of the free market. The Austrian tradition of economics is named so because Mises and his cohorts met at a bar in Austria called The Green Anchor to discuss topics related to economics.

Mises was a total bad ass who wrote large volumes about his theories in his spare time. He also didn’t take shit from anybody and the meme at the start of this post relates to an event where he got fed up talking about distributing income and stormed out of the meeting while calling the other attendees, “a bunch of socialists.” Here’s a short clip explaining Mises’s hijinks:

The man was right, knew he was right, and refused to submit to argumentum ad populum . Refusing to submit to ideas simply because a majority believe them to be true is something we can all learn from the late great Mises.