Empty Apologies

I’m sure you’ve heard about the rampage that ended in the death of 16 Afghanistan civilians:

Sixteen Afghans, including women and children, were killed in their homes by a rogue US soldier in a pre-dawn rampage on Sunday, plunging relations between the two countries into a new crisis.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the slaughter as unforgivable.

‘When Afghan people are killed deliberately by US forces, it is murder and terror and an unforgivable action,’ Karzai said in a statement.

The American soldier entered the homes of civilians in the southern Kandahar province and killed 16 people including nine children and three women, the statement said.

But it’s OK, Obama called and apologized:

US President Barack Obama has phoned his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai to express condolences over the massacre of 16 villagers in Kandahar.


Mr Obama vowed to hold accountable anyone responsible for the “tragic and shocking” incident.

I’m sure the phone call went something like this:

Obama: Hey, I heard about the rampage that left some of your people dead, super sorry about that.

Karzai: Sixteen innocent people were slaughtered, nine of them children, and all you can say is ‘I’m sorry?’

Obama: Fine, I’ll do a token inquiry.

Karzai: An inquiry? How about you get out of my fucking country!

Obama: Yeah, about that. See, the thing is we really don’t feel like the time is right for use to leave. I’m sorry this happened and everything, and I can’t say it won’t happen again, but I’ll certainly give somebody a stern talking to about this. Talk to you later.

After which Obama hung up the phone, laughed his ass off, and told Biden, “That guy thinks I care, what an idiot!” This is the result of war and it is why it should be avoided at all costs. I think the horrors of war were realized well enough by the founding fathers since they required congressional approval before the United States would raise an army and enter a war. Sadly the founding fathers didn’t realize how spineless fucks would end up populating the congress and give the president dictator-like powers to send American people overseas to die without so much as a challenge.