I Love My Ford Ranger

Say what you will about the Ford Range; it’s not fuel efficient, it’s not fast, and it certainly isn’t big; but it is easy to change the oil on without the assistance of a hoist. I live in an apartment complex so my access to actual equipment needed in the repair and maintenance of automobiles is fairly limited. My father does own an autoshop but lives three hours away meaning I’m either in for six hours of driving every time I want to change my oil or I can get on my back and do it myself. Thankfully my Ranger is tall enough that doing the latter is actually very easy.

I did experiment with taking my truck to an oil change place but they merely put the wrong filter on (thankfully it was big enough to seal and thus no damage occurred). Needless to say if you want something done right do it yourself.

One thought on “I Love My Ford Ranger”

  1. We have a recently retired ’93 Ranger with just a tad over 300k on it. And it is the easiest oil change I have ever completed. My old Altima and now my Regal both require you to have extra joints in your arm to remove the filter, plus you have to use some jackstandsto get under the vehicle to begin with.

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